Friday, November 21, 2014

Our jobs as MUSLIMS.


I really don't know how many times I need to say this…I would NOT delete my pictures from the past because that is my TRANSITION from a PLAYBOY MODEL to a FULLY COVERED NON MUSLIM to a REVERTED MUSLIM.

It is my past.
NO…I am NOT ashamed of my past. 

It's my PAST. 
It MADE ME WHO I AM today.
(It's not like I still update my posts with my Playboy pictures anymore!)

It was what made me embrace Islam.
If I hadn't seen the dark, I wouldn't search for the light.

If I delete all my past pictures, it's like denying my past, and nobody could see my transition anymore.

That is my dakwah strategy. 
To show people that if someone like me could do a 180 degrees change of life for the better, ditch everything "glamorous" and embrace Islam, why can't everyone else?

Do you see it yet?

Thats why if you're not comfortable with THIS page with traces of my past (yes, it is still with my modelling name from the past FELIXIA), I've created another page for you to follow, which has no trace of my past at all.

Here you go : 

Now, stop whining here and get a life. 
Do something better with your life than to whine here and asking me to delete my past that I'm leaving here for dakwah and awareness purpose.

There's a lot more lost sisters and brothers in need of your guidance to be guided back to Islam, even some of the born Muslims themselves, and a lot more non-believers that are probably like me (last time) who are still somehow hoping that someone would guide them to a better life and not judge them from their past.

YOU are supposed to help them.

If you can't do what I do, or bear the "embarrassment" and "humiliation" as I'm bearing to have my past pictures as a PLAYBOY MODEL, then go do something better.

Like stop judging people or ordering people to delete their pasts!


ME NOW!!!!