Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Felixia's Poetry#3 - Words of a lost soul

Words of a lost soul

The emptiness beyond all these
The nothingness upon a kiss
How could two lost souls unite?
When it's all just physical and sight

Doormat is a job I have retired
I hate, for not being desired
Longed for, wanted, mad for
A feeling I never had before

Bitterness, indeed is all I felt
After all those things I've dealt
A heart that's been toyed around
Pride that's been stamped on ground

Now that I am back in the game
It didn't feel quite the same
What happened to my naivety, innocence?
Had they been ruined by men's nonsense?

My faith in love is lost, I'm afraid
Physically alive, emotionally dead
Another lost soul in the sea of lust
Exhausted of love, hopes and trust

- Felixia Yeap -