Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Felixia's Poetry#3 - Words of a lost soul

Words of a lost soul

The emptiness beyond all these
The nothingness upon a kiss
How could two lost souls unite?
When it's all just physical and sight

Doormat is a job I have retired
I hate, for not being desired
Longed for, wanted, mad for
A feeling I never had before

Bitterness, indeed is all I felt
After all those things I've dealt
A heart that's been toyed around
Pride that's been stamped on ground

Now that I am back in the game
It didn't feel quite the same
What happened to my naivety, innocence?
Had they been ruined by men's nonsense?

My faith in love is lost, I'm afraid
Physically alive, emotionally dead
Another lost soul in the sea of lust
Exhausted of love, hopes and trust

- Felixia Yeap -


  1. My Dear Felixia,
    I hope that this superbly written but really sad poem are just fictional words and not from your heart! And if there is some truth interjected into this poem, then please allow me to say this to you; Don't ever give up. The right guy is out there Felixia ...... you just haven't heard his calling to you yet! But he IS out there, and once you allow him that opportunity to show you how much attraction and desire that he feels for you, only then will you uderstand to what I speak of now. After that Felixia, your poems will only speak of real desire, true love, internal beauty, and the special bond between two people that many find so hard to achieve! Look beyond the mask, and keep this in mind; Outer beauty is there for only so long, and eventually fades away. But what's behind the mask will allow you to really feel the love and the true touch that we as Human Beings all long for in life. Older, younger, beautiful, or plain, everyone has something to share with their correct match. Find that someone, and you will discover true happiness with one another. And jealousy, anger, and mis-trust will all become a thing of the past. Trust me, I speak this because I have experienced this already, and now know of it's true existance! Learn how to read between the lines my Dear! He's out there .... waiting for you, just as you are waiting for him! Eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and soul ..... To succeed you must keep them all Open, OK? :) Take care, BN

  2. Somehow this poem penetrates into me. This certainly talks about the "real" you inside. I've heard people's false judgments about you, and I'm afraid I've listened to those too. But when I read you're poems, I think I've understand you. You're not the kind of girl they're talking about. You're more than that. I could only wish for you a long and a happy life.

    love lots,

  3. This is very deep. When we're doing something, there will always be someone that judge us and treat us wrongly. Although we're of different field, I hope you will muster up strength and soldier on!

    Go! Go! Fighti!

  4. praise to allah

  5. hi there. that's a beautiful poem there =]

  6. assalamualaikum, kak rara, ur my inspiration . here i wanna ask for your permission untuk ambik akak punya poem nie jadikan lirik lagu :) can or not ..