Monday, April 7, 2014

"Leave." - A poem by Felixia Yeap


Looking for a place to run to
somewhere to go
yet I have no clue
or anyone I know

I could cry my eyes out
like how I used to do
cry til I'm knocked out
til all the songs are sung blue

Leave; the easiest choice
Could not bear another tear drop
unheard, inaudible is my voice
from one to another edge, I hop

I've been travelling so long and far
for a final stop like this
as I began to unwrap my scars
I see scars, yet you see memories

Sealing up, packing away
before I could drop my baggage down 
gonna walk on the rest of the days
until my legs are numb to the ground

- Felixia Yeap -


  1. Be strong sayangku Felixia, kanda selalu disisimu haha. <3 :)

  2. Stay strong my dear... Patience is a virtue, & live life getting stronger every single day...

  3. this poem really touch my heart...btw its nice...

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  5. stay strong, keep moving.. don't let the darkness blind us :)

  6. tears are great give of all,,,where there tears always happiness and sadness there memories...after the rains always there sunshines.... always be true to yourself .... if you are happy or not, it always back to u. Don't get me wrong, Sometimes we needs trust and believes beyond Religious to take us to right path. U always have been strong so is okay to cry. but nvr give up......!!!!

  7. Hi Felixia!

    Playing "Let It Go" back to back might help. Be strong! :D

  8. Ailment

    Soaring under the skies of immolation,
    A numbing partake to reminisce,
    An ailment so illusive yet possessive,
    Far from tranquility secluded in serenity,
    Wilted as scars consume the mind converge.

    by Poet'e Li

  9. Dear felixia, it is a nice poem. We always think that leaving is d easiest choice but it wont make thing better. The best is to face it. They said what didnt kill u will make u stronger. I don't know what happen but I know it came from ur heart
    p/s : sy baru jer tgk cerita 'nikah kita bercinta'. Awak sgt cantik. Maaf tp sy rasa agk syg bila tgk awk bertudung tp bkn islam. Sy bkn nk judge awk tp tu adalah pendapat sy.sygnyer jka something happen b4 awk mdpt hidayah yg d tunggu. Maaf tp ni adalah luahan org yg suka melihat awk yg cantik n comel ni menutup apa yg perlu di tutup n berharap kita dpt mnjadi saudara kelak :)


  11. Apa salahnya bukan islam menutup aurat. Ajaran islam bkn hakmilik bangsa melayu atau arab. Islam itu universal. Jelas imej terkini anda bermaksud anda seorang yang sangat suci dan tulus tentang soal aurat. Aurat dan seksi sesuatu yg amat berbeza sekali. Tahniah & syabas buat anda. Saya doakan Allah beri hidayah kepada anda agar menjadi muslimah dan ikon muslim cina n malaysia. Insya Allah.

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  13. some people only had the world in his hand, but the sky in his dream
    some people walking on earth empty
    and neither reach the sky
    but peace and luck are for those who holds the world in his left hands and the sky in his right hand
    the hands who always open to the sky
    calling the name of hus creator

  14. walking without compass, you'll lost your way home
    but stop a second to ask for directions
    and make sure you'll ask the right person
    you'll get to your destination

  15. Be strong... Dont be depress... U are what u are... Always smile...
    God test us becoz HE loves us, HE want us to be stronger...

  16. Be strong... Dont be depress... U are what u are... Always smile...
    God test us becoz HE loves us, HE want us to be stronger...

  17. just continue ur journey.i only can say this is ur path as my god always say,evryone have their own path.
    i wish my god bless u and ur family happiness always.
    forgive me about some comment.i just want try to let u know about what i think about u.god bless u

  18. As far as d blue sea.. we dont know wat deep secret it keep.. i like ur poem.. u in the midle of looking to ur own reflection.. there u ask either this wat i want or wat people want.. b proud of ur self.. either way .. people accept it ..

  19. I juz came to know about u. I'm happy for your awakening towards wearing a hijab. Reading ur poem is kinna touched my heart. But I juz wanna say that it's all in the mind and it's all a matter of interpretation. Weather it's good or bad, it's how u interpret and conceive what u feel inside u. If u perceived it as sadness and lonely, then u will feel those elements. Likewise, if u feel u have the courage to overcome those elements, then u'll have the courage towards looking things on a better perspective. Take care and may u find success in life and may Allah protects u always.

  20. Dear Felicia,

    During your critical period of transition, I pray that God will lead you to the right way and the truth of life. I pray that God will love you and protect you from any harm. May The Lord love you as His child and give you strength of mind and peace in the midst of heavy criticisms of your career as a supermodel.

    I pray that you will find your true heart desires during your journey in life and learn that God is your friend too in your journey. I pray that with His help you will be able to find true and everlasting happiness and peace. He will give you love, hope and true faith in your life.

    Your anonymous friend.

  21. Tahniah Felixia, awak berjaya sampai kepada tahap pemahaman yang tinggi mengenai aurat.. yang mana ramai wanita islam sendiri gagal memahaminya baik yang menutup aurat atau tidak..Betul aurat perlu ditutup kerana ketinggian martabat seorang wanita itu. Sangat berharga wanita itu sehingga tubuhnya hanya layak dinikmati oleh orang yang dicintainya bukan yang lain memandang dgn pandangan nafsu semata. Rupa paras awak yang cantik, bentuk tubuh yang cantik begitu mahal harganya tak boleh dibeli dengan wang semata-mata melainkan dengan cinta dari diri wanita itu sendiri yang merelakan..

  22. Hai Felicia.

    Sometimes leaving can be good, but how can we be sure knowing if it is really good for us?

    Well for me, usually when I am in critical time like this, I would just sat down and pray to my god, my creator what is best for me and others.

    If the sorrow god gave me is for a better life afterwards then I shall accept and bare it with all my heart and my faith as there is happiness await after the pain. And sometimes the pain itself is actually a benefit to us, only us does not realize it till it is long gone.

    Hope you will find what is best for you and all of us.

  23. Ramainye comment..

    kemana pon kita lari,
    rase hati tetap dihantui,
    paling bagus bile bersendiri,
    menyesali ape y terjadi.

    biarlah usai yang dilalui,
    jadikan semangat pembakar diri,
    bukan bersedih menyentap hati,
    agar kita kembali berdiri,

    Setiap bernyawa pastikan mati,
    Setiap yang datang pastikan pergi,
    Hanya Satu y harus di ingati,
    Tuhan tetap kasihkan diri..

    by idiazisiza

  24. Life Is A Twisted Road
    Life is a twisted road dominated by unexpected twists and turns,
    However at the end of the day, it is from them that we learn.
    And in spite of being so hard to cross,
    the flame of hope ensures that you're never lost.
    So keep the flame of hope always bright and strong,
    For as long as hope reigns, nothing can go wrong.

  25. Allahamdulillah..sejuk mata memandang tengok Felixiayeap berhijab.Sungguh cantik&ayu sangat..moga segalanya d permudahkn oleh Allah & mendapat keberkatan dalam hidup...AMIN...

  26. Hai sayang,

    Saya sentiasa bekalkan doa agar perjalanan felixia sentiasa di dalam lindungan Allah.
    take care

  27. Salam felixia...saya sodara Dari seberàñg..semoga jikalau engkau sudah menjadi Muslimah, teguhkan pendirianmu, jadilah orang yang selalu istiqomah dalam perjalanan menuju hidayah Allah...aamiin


  28. As Salam..saya suka tengok awak pakai tudung cantik sngat..awak perdulikan apa org cakap..don't give up Raisyyah Rania ^^ sedap nama 2..