Saturday, August 9, 2014

BEAUTY could be a form of Dakwah. (CANTIK itu pun dakwah!)

"It's 2am now...and I still have absolutely no idea what to wear for tomorrow!"

Why the unnecessary headache and whining and being so vain?
Perhaps you might ask. 
Perhaps even with a slight tone of disgust towards my "whining" here.

But before you roll your eyes to the back of your head, or pouncing onto your keyboard enthusiastically to get ready to bash me for saying something that probably sound spoilt or is my reason;

Because I believe...a fashionable/attractive way of dressing and yet still according to Islamic values as a Muslimah is a good way of dakwah too. =)

Never underestimate the way you dress up, and the way it could spread awareness to people around you about the beauty of covering up in the Islamic way and still looking beautiful nevertheless.

Just like me...I started off by wearing a hijab.
And then I started to be mesmerized by the beauty of women I see in hijab.
(Well, OK...maybe I was at first mesmerized by my own selfie pictures upon my first time trying on a hijab and I went like daymnnnnn...I look stunning!)



I started paying attention and got curious...since like many non Muslims, hair is very important to define a woman's beauty...some even depend on it and get cranky when they have bad hair days.
And for models in my previous line...the deeper the cleavage, the better. The more skin, the better. And the shorter skirt or shorts, the better.
Honestly...before this, I thought covering myself up is like making myself unattractive and ugly.
Modesty doesn't seem to exist before this in my life.

But then...I got interested in learning the story behind the hijab.
The reasons.
The values.
The beauty.
And then....Islam itself. 

The ways Allah SWT brought someone like me back to Him. 
How much Allah SWT loves us all, regardless of who we were, and who we are.

A hijab got me reverted back into Islam!
It got me home to the right path!


If it could happen to an former Playboy model (Ahem...yup, I would sacrifice by digging out my own past just so it could be a lesson for all, if not an example...all for the good of Islam, for our sisters, and in the mission of dakwah and for the redha of Allah too), I am sure it could happen to women who are non Muslims...and perhaps, even the born Muslims too. Insyaallah!

Of course...I also believe while doing so (the dakwah in the terms of looks), one should not cross to the borderline of being riya (riak); which means to the point of showing off...err, overly.

And how do I spread the awareness of beauty being in hijab and covering oneself up within the Islamic frame of dressing as a (well, I hate to say it really, but everyone's been telling me to face the truth) public figure and social media celebrity...?

Being out and be seen.
And unfortunately...what I'm about to say next is probably gonna get me a lot of negative bashings. Again. (LOL!)


There....I said it.

And does not mean I think I am THAT beautiful or stunning or hot.
But I think I have a pleasant look and I feel utterly grateful and blessed for that, Alhamdulillah!
If you still want to call me "perasan" or "gedik" or "harap je muka lawa"...then I have nothing else to say.

But then again...if being called "perasan" or "gedik" or "bajet lawa" still could do some dakwah and bring someone back to fitrah...why not??


This is a century of technology and social media...and almost everyone have a Facebook or Instagram account.
(Even my mom has one, and she'd be the one calling me up if she doesn't see me posting up any pictures in Facebook and asking me why there's no picture for the day!)

And let me repeat...not to the point of riya (riak).
Nobody is saying that you should post a selfie of yourself every hour or so. the key. 

So...I'd say we embrace it with a positive thinking and hope for the best.
Hope that somewhere out there, that by us somehow dressing nicely and Islamicly, someone would see the beauty of covering up...and fall in love with Islam just like how I did.

And most importantly...we help yet another woman and help her protect her modesty, and Insyaallah...we could bring her "home" to the right path, to be a better person and be even more beautiful and precious than she already is. 

Insyaallah. =)

But first...let's take a selfie! 


  1. I'm proud of you Felixia.. When I'm reading all your post, photos I just proud of you.. I have never see you in real life -probably i wont, cause i live in Turkey :)- but i feel you as my close friend.. I just want to say that.. Love you friend.. Keep going!!! ;) <3

    1. Insyaallah one day we might just cross paths! Thank you sis!
      Here's a virtual "hug" from Malaysia for now. *HUGSSS* =)

    2. Majority of baby dumping due to pre-marital sex in Malaysia were done by muslims. So much about hijab and sexual morality.

  2. Nice to see your changes. Like you better now :)


      All Muslims should read the following very interesting hadiths that
      can be downloaded from the internet. I have excerpted these elaborated
      hadiths due to the shortage of space.

      instrumental in the imposition of veil on Muslim women. The first one
      was Umar, who originated the hijaab, purely for his lust toward
      slave-girls. The second person was our prophet Muhammad, who approved
      it with Allah’s sanction, for his lust towards his newly married
      Zainab, his ex-daughter-in-law.

      Umar, a very close companion and the second “RIGHTLY GUIDED” caliph as
      well as the father-in-law of Muhammad, was a lustful person. He used
      to harass the slave-girls during night hours, when they went out of
      the house for answering nature's call. On a few occasions, he
      mistakenly harassed the free women in the darkness, thinking that they
      were slave-girls, and they complained to Muhammad. As Umar wanted to
      keep harassing the slave-girls, he asked the prophet to ‘reveal’ a
      verse for imposing hija’b on the free Muslim women, but not on the
      slave-girls. And new revelation came down sanctioning the wearing of
      hija’b by free women on Umar’s demand. (see Sahih Al Bukhari 1:148,
      8:257, 6:10, 6:313, 6:318)

      I urge my dear sisters to refer all these hadiths, that I fetched it
      for you, from different sources.

      Hijaab only for free women, not the slave-girls: We Muslims generally
      think that Islam imposed hijaab for protecting the women in general.
      Absolutely, not! In fact, its first sanction was meant for the
      protection of only a small percentage of the women, namely the four
      official wives of Muslim men. The vast number of women, the
      slave-girls, the captive girls and kuffar women, were not supposed to
      cover themselves with the Hijaab. And this was also to protect the
      Muslim women from the lustful Muslim rascals. The slave women were not
      allowed to cover their body, except a piece of skin sheet under their
      waist. Here a story of Umar’s beating of a slave-women who wanted to
      protect herself from the harassment of Muslim by wearing burqa:

      Al-Musaiab bin Darum said: ‘I saw Umar holding a stick in his hand and
      striking a slave-girl’s head until her scarf came off, he then said:
      ‘Why does the slave assume the manners of free woman?’ (Tabaqat ibn
      Saad, 7:127; Kanz al-Umal, Vol. 15, p. 486, Hadith 41928; Tarikh
      Damisha, 58:191)

  3. Dear Felixia When U Want Married? Im suggest u to marry me ~

  4. Yup. Its a form of dakwah too. Islam is moderate. Some muslims might be too strict but just get back to the basics. That only Allah knows our niat. And only Him can judge. Well said Raissyah Rania. Keep it up!

  5. Quick one, riya' is not define by quantity or sits in the dark recesses of one's heart...thus only Allah and ourselves (given that we are sufficiently self-aware) could recognize its presence (or absence)...wallahu'alam

  6. sis rania, the pic u wear black hijab in "sefies" post, not suitable to show because the hijab flip up and reveals ur chest..this will attract the mahram to see it.. ^_^ ..btw, u looks great without make-up..subhanallah..

  7. Quran 33:59 O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful…. Could we compare between USA and south Arabia of raping. The USA has been one of the highest rates rape in the world…

    1. So does Saudi Arabia LOL. Rape is NOT about clothing or modesty - it is about power.

    2. Majority of rapes in Malaysia and Indonesia were done by muslims. The rate increases when the islamization process increases. The previous generations weren't that islamic but rape and molest cases were rare. This has more to do with social psychology.


  9. Alhamdulillah. Semoga Allah s.w.t tetapkan hati-hati kita semua ke jalan yang diredhai-Nya.
    Serius saya katakan, antara golongan yang paling saya cemburu ialah golongan yang kembali kepada Islam daripada golongan yang sememangnya Islam dari keturunan lagi. Sebab, bagi saya mereka lebih mendalami apa itu Islam. Semoga Allah tak letakkan saya sebagai orang Islam yang hanya berketurunan Islam sahaja. Memang rugi rasanya bila kita tidak mendalami Islam itu sebaik-baiknya.

  10. Good point!!!...congrats!!!..

  11. Semoga awak akan sentiasa dibimbing dan terus berdikari.

  12. akak Rania! Saye letak gambar sebagai artis wanita Malysia yang berhijab dalam blog saye!!
    Please check!

  13. Hi!! First of all i would like to congratulate you in embracing Islam and Inshallah you will find eternal peace in the grace of Allah swt. Kudos to you too on being able to exude your creativity in wearing the Hijab. I do hope your talent shall be of great use to inspire all muslimahs and encourage those who hearts are waiting to accept the religion of Islam.. keep up the good work and you definately have my support :)

  14. The idea that God creates humans so they worship him and if they fail to do so he will burn them for eternity is so stupid that is not befitting for a sane person. This makes God a sadist. Why would God care to be worshiped by tiny insignificant humans and why would he be so offended if we don’t worship him? Remember that according to Muhammad God will forgive all sins except the sin of disbelief. So you can abuse others, cheat them, and even kill them. As long as you have faith in Muhammad and his Allah all your sins will be forgiven. This is not justice. This is stupid. Muhammad said these things so people believe in him. That is all he cared for. He did not care about people being good to each other. He instructed them to be evil and harsh to each other. He wanted them to believe in him. Allah was his tool to deceive the foolhardy.

    Yes there is justice in the world, but nothing like what Muhammad said. When you do something wrong you hamper your own spiritual growth. If you put your hand in fire, you burn yourself. You break a physical law and pay the consequences immediately. Likewise, when you break a spiritual law e.g. abuse and cheat others you hurt yourself spiritually.

    Spiritual growth is attained through consciousness. Everything is consciousness. The only way we can attain more consciousness is through love. Consciousness cannot be attained through fear. Islam is entirely based on fear. Fear is the weapon of the sociopath. God is love, not fear. Consciousness makes us grow in love. Ignorance makes us fear. A religion that is founded on fear cannot be from God. Fear is the child of ignorance. God is pure knowledge, pure consciousness. The closer you get to God the more you will be filled with love. Love for what? Love for people, animals, plants and things. Everything is the manifestation of God. Every atom in this universe is divine because it reflects the infinite consciousness we call God.

    Fear is the product of ignorance. Ignorance produces also hatred. Islam is based on fear and hatred. The moment you become a Muslim you start hating all non-Muslims to the extent that you willingly want kill yourself in order to kill them. If all religions are from the same God, why no other religion teaches murder of unbelievers? Why all religious terrorists are Muslims? Why there is so much hate and anger in Muslims? How can a religion, so filled with hatred and fear be from God that is pure love?

    The claim that we are here to be tested is utterly stupid. Why would an all-knowing God test people? Doesn’t he know everything? Then again, Muhammad said nothing happens without the will of God. This means the unbelievers don’t believe because God has so willed. In that case why punish them?
    Muhammad’s thinking does not add up. It is clear that he was a very ignorant man with no spiritual insight and not even understanding of reason and commonsense.
    A self-sufficient god creates humans so they worship him? If the goal of creation is to worship God then God is not self-sufficient. He must be a needy God. If I make a chair, it is because I need it. If I don’t need a chair, why would I make it? If God does not need humans why did he make them? If he needs them then he is a needy god. A needy god cannot be God.

    An all knowing god created humans to test them? Is there anything more stupid than this? If God knows everything, what is he testing us for?

    That is not all. This god Muhammad talked about also has predestined everything. He decides who should believe and who should not and seals the hearts of some people to make them fuel for hell. Does it make any sense? Is sadist God worthy of worship? Isn’t it blasphemy to attribute this much insanity to God? Islam is blasphemy. It is kufr. Everything Muhammad said is insult to God and to reason.

    1. Come on, there is no need for you to bash other people belief.

    (a'yan najisah - Unclean)
    What is the meaning of "kafir?" Kafir (pl. kuffar) means an infidel, an unbeliever as opposed to a Muslim, a believer. "Muslim" is defined as a person who believes in Oneness of God, prophet hood of prophet Muhammad, and the Day of Judgment. A person who rejects any of these three principles is a kafir.
    From Muslims' perspectives the kuffar are divided into two main groups: kafir dhimmi and kafir harbi.
    "kafir dhimmi" is a kafir who lives under the protection of an Islamic government. "Kafir harbi" is a kafir who does not have such a protection. I must also mention a third, but rare, category of kafir: murtad.
    "Murtad" means an apostate; there are two types of murtad:
    “Murtad fitri” a person who was born of a Muslim parent, but then declared his disbelief in Islam. "Murtad milli" a non-Muslim who had accepted the religion of Islam and then apostates from it.
    While discussing the ritual purity or impurity of the non-Muslims, the mujtahids divide all the kuffar - dhimmi, harbi, murtad fitri and milli- into two distinct groups:
    Mushrik and Ahlu 'l-Kitab.
    Mushrik (pl. mushrikin) means a polytheist, a person who believes that God has partner (s). It is used for the idol-worshippers also. The followers of Hinduism, of most far eastern religions and of the tribal religions fall in the category of mushrikin.
    Ahlu 'l-kitab means the people of the Book; it is a name given to those who believe in any of the books revealed by Allah before the Qur'an. Under Islamic system, the Ahlu 'l-kitab have a preferred status in comparison to other non-Muslims. The people who are unanimously counted as ahlu 'l-kitab are; the Jews, the Christians and the Zoroastrians.
    As for the mushrikin, the mujtahids are unanimous that they are najis. This is so because Allah has clearly declared in the Qur'an that:
    "O you who believe! The polytheists (mushrikin) are indeed unclean; therefore, they should not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs (i.e. 9 AH)." (9:28)
    Some Muslims try to interpret the word "unclean" in a spiritual sense only. They are wrong because one cannot ignore the literal meaning of a word unless the context supports the departure from a literal to a symbolic meaning. The context of the verse does not leave any room for an exclusively symbolic or spiritual interpretation of the word "unclean". It immediately says that " they should not approach the Sacred Mosque". This reflects the physical un-cleanliness. However our interpretation dose not exclude the spiritual impurity of the mushikin along side physical ritual impurity.


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

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