Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dilemma in the midst of transition

People are sceptical.




I understand...

I, too, am stuck in two worlds...between being myself at my own free time...and being someone else at work, for work.

I am still doing my modelling jobs. No doubt. 
For this is still the main source of income that I am bringing home to my family in Ipoh.

Of course, I am truly grateful for the good reception and support coming from not just people in my Facebook and my blog followers, and especially from Muslimah boutiques that are opening and offering jobs to help me leave my not so decently dressed modelling gigs.

But, please bear in mind...please understand...I am not in any way trying to make fun or ridicule any religion or race. I am truly sincere.

I want to be veiled and be in my hijabs and baju kurungs more than any of you could imagine.

Yet, some of these upcoming gigs of me in modeling gigs that require me to be more provocatively dressed have been planned since some time ago, and it's already agreed upon on waaaaaay before I post my confessional blog write up about me wearing my hijab previously. a professional model/ is my duty to finish up my work that had been agreed upon before.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling...and if I let anyone down, because this one time of me trying to be professional to complete an assignment.

Please don't be too quick to judge. 

Please understand first.

Please put yourself in my shoes.

I am too, anticipating and looking forward for better and modest modelling gigs...

...but for this most probably last job dressing up as a Playboy Bunny, I would need to complete it professionally as a model, and Malaysia's first and only official Playboy Bunny.

Thank you, and I appreciate your understanding.

LEFT : Me at work, for work purpose only
RIGHT : My true self when I am not working


  1. sometimes what make you think good go ahead but must strong slowly dun force yourself to must learn from beginning

  2. kami sokong anda...buat yg terbaik...

  3. the day i find your photos and become a fan of your beauty and talent, and come to see this. oh well. good luck in anything you decide. i guess i wont have a chance to ever photograph you.

  4. no matter what other people said to you just hold on to what you believe and who you are, we live not for other people.

  5. i dun judge u..don't want u think that make u happy.. :)

  6. Dear Felixia ,
    Such a predicament that you are in, but yeah it was a commitment made.For He is closer to your heart, so worry not.For a person to be so true about their self in the midst of such circumstance, its quite remarkable , Felixia. Such enlightened thoughts many would really wish to relate to, It is understandable, and special. I am sure He is much bountiful in His blessings to keep you much happiness in you, for you to be who your true self is. May He shower more ease,blessings along such journey you are undertaking.

  7. Keep praying felixia, i will always pray for you. may you be strong girl! there are things goes beyond our reach which is the things that controlled by God. We can plan what we gonna do ahead of our life but God is the ultimate decider. He can change a lot of thing, and he promise too that those who willing to change is the successor. Keep us updated and we will always pray for you.

  8. I just think people should not judge people.. You are amazing because you are not born Muslim but you are sincere to cover your head whereas some Muslim women like me have no guts to don the hijab. I do believe a women must dress in modesty though as a way to show self respect.

    Sometimes people around us makes our life good or bad. Don't be sad about those people who said negative things about you. As long you are being sincere to yourself, you will never have a second thought when you devote yourself to something or someone.

    By the way kak felicia you are so ayu =D Ayu sekali =D

  9. take your time.
    be strong.
    this is your challenge for your next step in life :)

  10. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself

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  12. I know right, but some media bloggers are using your story but they seem use the wrong approach. I mean, they delivered your story like, u just have done that, saying that u has turned to a permanent hijabster. I know right, u just feel to veil and use the baju kurung or sort of that. That's why when ppl heard the news, they shock. They didn't know your real situation. I hope those who are being skeptical to u, will not ever ever bring u down. I always support u~

  13. Dear Felixia, just focus on the people who are appeciating and supporting you. There will always be talks about your sincerity and so on. Only you know what's in your heart and I wish that you will be able to continue to follow it. I too understand that you are being professional about your work. You've given your words and you are living up to it. As you said, it is a transition for you. Regardless of your religious preference in the future, isn't it beautiful that you are being modest in your dressing when you are not working? Perhaps in the future, even at work, you will be able to do the same thing. Anyway thank you for inspiring me to better myself too. >v<b all the best!

  14. I prayed for one day that you would find the real blessing/meaning of covering up your aurah =)

  15. everybody is going to judge no matter what you do, so forget about caring. forget about listening to other. listen to what you truly want. because the truth and all the answer lies within ourself. and I believe, each heart has a good intention naturally. it only grew wrong because it was oppressed in many ways, including of others expectation. so in any case, just be true to yourself :)

  16. a middle finger to anyone who judged you for the choices you made. all the best, and take care :)

  17. Way to go Felixia..!!! I will always support u..!!!

  18. Dear Felixia,

    It takes alot of courage to be doing what you do, and to write a post on what you are going through, and I respect you for your courage. We will always be by your side supporting you no matter what.

  19. Well Said ! Me support you from behind . You'll Never Walk Alone ...

  20. It's alright to be different. Don't let others judge you. Just be who you truly are. I admired you courage to admit you are different and willing to say No. That's just great! Every road will lead you somewhere, just some road might be less taken.
    Move On with a smile! N let them envy u =P!

  21. Choices...its yours only to choose. Let there be light.

  22. Felixia, dont give up!

    Embun hidayah Allah sentiasa melimpah,
    Curahannya tidak memilih bangsa, warna kulit atau rupa..

    Trust me!

  23. u surely astound me :)
    and always be yourself..
    and may your journey to find the definition of yourself which is MORE than precious :)

    definitely,insyaAllah ..

    May Allah ease your journey dear!

  24. Do which ever that makes "you" happy. Do what ever that "you" find suites your liking, because it's you who will enjoy it. So no judgement from me and thanks for being honest.

  25. be my follower too, here

  26. Miss Felixia...dont give up!!...teruskan perubahan..May Allah ease your journey insyaaAllah...ignore what others people said...You can do it!!

  27. You should not turn back on your commitments and finish the job as a professional. However, do it in your own terms. No one should force you to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

  28. Miss Felixia, follow your heart. Quit that job. but you can still remain in the same field with the gift you have from God. You can still be in Modelling. For Hijabs, for clothes, and many other things. There're so many other beautiful muslim models not requiring them to strip off their clothes revealing their skins to help advertise for those intoxicating alcohols and other worldly mundane misleading things. Young models like Nur Amira Filzah (simply google and you'll find her)

  29. Felixia...i understand your situation..As a model, what you are wearing, it is not imagine yourself...It's just your work...But if your slowly turn to be a good girl, and learn to be muslimah..or wearing something like muslimah, i think it's more suitable and make you more comfortable...Miss Felixia...dont give up!!...teruskan perubahan..May Allah ease your journey insyaaAllah...ignore what others people said...You can do it!!

  30. Dear Miss Felixia,

    Take a baby step.. Don't go straight strict. Learn the very basic first. I'm saying this cause of my own experience. You will find out how beautiful this pathway is! Just ask to the almighty to guide you.. Wish you all the very best

  31. Tahniah.. jika anda merasa tenang dan 'selamat' dengan hanya berhijab, sebenarnya hati akan lebih tenang dan bahagia bila kenal dengan Pencipta kita.. Semoga mendapat hidayah & taufik..

  32. Huh? What's going on here? Clueless me.

  33. people will judge. people will say things. but u knw urself better than all of them. keep being urself and may you find ur happily ever after :)

  34. thumbs up for nobody knows you better than you know yourself

  35. we will support u whatever u thinks is right.. u think the way for ur own good..^_^..

  36. Step by step Felixia :) God willing U'll find ure way as long as ure steadfast :D ... U can however start by not posting ure playboy pics (or any pics of U dress not so decently) anymore after this... maybe as a start :D Good luck!!!

  37. step by step. congrats and hope that, will hear good news from u soon. ignore all negatives comments because human will never leave others alone if u achieve something higher than em.

  38. Be strong,don't let the negativity eaten u alive.don't listen to the negative people,they will always be negative,no matter what you do,so don't entertain them.they would love to see you break apart.
    remember,you are a strong person.
    you have a lot of people who are very supportive here. May Allah bless you always. :)

  39. Stay strong. Every cloud has a silver lining ;)

  40. good start..if u really interested in Islam you should find someone that really know about Islam to talk too. Like example ustaz or ustazah. Dont feel any pressure and feel with your heart how beautiful Islam can be not like what you see by your eyes. May Allah give barakah to your journey to find peace and may Allah always bless you. Continues to walk with smile :)

  41. Asslamualaikum

    You sangat cantik dan bergaya dengan hijab...masya allah..semoda diberikan hidayah..

  42. Do worry bout what ppl say. Cos they are Always saying things...hahha..just focus on love for your ownself n family! Cheers

  43. I admire your courage and honesty. I hope that you are given the strength to be strong in your beliefs. To experience what you felt and moreover to express it openly is a something hat even born Muslims could not experience. Al the best Felixia

  44. for me felixia, as I said before, be yourself =) never be influenced by other people. by their comments, critics, emotional judgement etc. find your true self. find your own way in getting the best solution in your life ya =) dont be so down because of others. i know you can walk on your own path. i know it! =) all da best ya. we are always supporting you in doing good things. keep calm and walk the path of heaven =)

  45. yeah...dear...
    like ....
    jd la diri sebenar...usah lah pedulikan tomahan org lain..
    jd kn ia sbg perkara +ve utk kamu trus maju..
    gudluck...u look nice in hijab...
    truskan...moga kamu akan terus menerus menutup aurat...
    dan mendapat hidayah....

  46. Alhamdulillah Sister. May Allah protect and save you, InShaAllah.
    Here is some good reference of the great Dr Zakir Naik speech that i supposed, answer some of our question in this life (meaning of life / purpose of life- etc etc).
    although this kind of religious talk / q&a (especially when non-Muslim is questioning about Islam!) is seems taboo in our country, but that's where the mistake was!
    - Do please watch Dr. Zakir Naik answering questions from the non Muslim brother and sister with full of respect and very hikmah

    Zakir Naik Q&A - Hijab isn't it not degrading for women to prioritize :

    Q&A Dr Zakir Naik - Where did Jesus made his mistake

    Purpose of life :

  47. Be strong..a lot of people shall support u...dont worry. We are all brothers and sisters..

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  49. u gain my respect..its hard to be a person like you..especially when you have 2 different world between work & real life.

    btw,i try to find a contact number to call u.
    i have a few shortfilm/short docu offer for you..
    pusposely the idea came after i read about your confession blog entry.
    if ever you read this,please email me here < > or can i direct PM you in your facebook page?
    i do have my fb page as well "ApertureKU"

    Nazri Arshad @ Moji

  50. Remember that: You're free! Please don't care about jugment, it's your life and your mind

  51. cantik awak berhijab sempurna. semoga Allah berikan taufik dan hidayah..salam perkenalan dari saya... :)

  52. Hi Felixia,

    I hope what I'm writing here aren't too harsh. I hope you can digest and take it as a positive note. First and foremost, I believe you can't change how people act and think, being judgmental is in human primal nature. We always judge in our daily life, the only different is that, what are we judging about.

    For me, you are a public figure, not as popular as some celebrities (no offense), but a public figure nonetheless. Being a public figure, your private life will be limited, and you will be judge for everything you said or do. I don't know if this is expected when you decided to be a model, but your life changed when you decided to wear hijab in your daily life.

    You have to stop being weak, I know it's hard because of what people said and do, more so when you're a woman (not being a sexist here) with a fragile soul. But these critics and haters will have their play day if you're respond to how they treat you. People say, keep doing what you do and they will shut up, this is true, because people get bored easily.

    You also have to remember, you have two side that came from your transition, the one that hate it, and the one that love it. You have to embrace the one that love you because they are the one worth your time and energy. You also have to remember, that they love you because of your hijab, and that they might probably hate you when you decided not to wear them anymore. Again, this is expected when you a public figure, and how people tend to judge others.

    I think anyone would advise you this, surround yourself with your close knitted good friend, that aren't fake, who could tell you the hard cold truth, but at the same time supportive of your transition and always with positive vibe, so that they might rub it off on you. In the end, you only need to prove your sincerity to yourself and God.

    Whatever you choose to be (or wear) from now on, will have my best wishes. if there's anything you need, do let me know.

    Last word from me, it's not what you wear that define you, but what you do in life.


  53. Supporting you as long as you can finally choose and decide who and what you wanna be. The answer is there. You just have to seek for yourself. We all have faith in you! You are pretty and you know it. :)

    ان الله لايغير مابقوم حتى يغيروا مابانفسهم

    Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (13:11)

  54. Really glad knowing your new story =) i know u r strong enough facing this moment. Keep it up =) . Don't be sad Allah is with us (Qur'an 9:40)

  55. Kes felixia ni sgt rare dan unik lah..tak pernah jumpa lah...apa pun just finish ur contract then try to find others job like at muslimah boutiqe.semoga ALLAH s.w.t tolong u walaupun u r not muslim

  56. No matter what religion you choose, it is you choice. Religion is a faith that guide us in life. May you find your inner peace. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

  57. Dont be worried bout what others think. You are exquisite and much more valuable than you think you are. Thats why we are created unique from each other. Be strong and you will find out that there are so many humans around you that understand and support you. Just keep away from bad influence.

  58. Its ok. I'm a muslim. Yes, most people are too judgmental. Tak kira lah agama/bangsa mana sekali pon. Semua lebih kurang jer. Tak perlu terlalu risau apa yg org lain fikir/cakap. Tak pernah sudahnya kalau nak puaskan hati semua org. Perubahan sebaiknya secara slowly ikut keselesaan individu. Tak perlu terlalu drastik. I wish u all the best. May we all find happines.

  59. Dont worry about others. Btw loves to see u wearing the kurung jubah n hijab. Even i am a free hair...but as a human. I also try to slowly change my lifestyle n try to improve myself to be a better. Maybe u hilang 1000 of friends...but its ok right. There's a million people out there yg bole friend with u. ^_^

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  61. kakak felixia,,akak memang giler kiut,,hadoii,,lepas ni nak cari awek cina lah,,haha,,but that is not the main agenda.the truth is..akak memang kuat and berani untuk berubah..akhirnya akak faham menilai apa itu maksud "true protection for woman".. bagi saya sendiri,perempuan yang jaga aurah adalah perempuan yang sangat mahal untuk saya.even kalau perempuan tu berhijab and tutup aurat,itulah "Kejelitaan" yang sebenar ..,cantik x perlu ditnjuk dgn mndedah smuanya..kan?? ^_^,, I WISH U ARE MY FUTURE WIFE..hahahah..LOL...n remember.. Y.O.L.O.. You Only Live Once,,so make the decision..wisely.. kami menyokong anda!!! <3


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  63. For whatever reason that they want to bash you or to bring you down..bear in mind that there are others who are secretly wishing you the best and pray that whatever things that you do will always be a success..i for my self are drawn to your sincerity and this also make me want to try to become a better person...nobody is perfect and human will always be like that..i pray that for whatever things that you do, you will find peace in that ^_^

  64. hope you will choose the best! we are on your side!

  65. stay strong. be positive. and keep your faith.

  66. hi felixia.. how your day.. hehehe... i love seeing for non muslim girl to try wearing hijab.. it is good..

  67. hi felixia.. how your day.. hehehe... i love seeing for non muslim girl to try wearing hijab.. it is good..

  68. some things are just human nature, which they'd claim it's for religious purposes. ridiculous!
    i once had go through that 'lost' phase. i guess that's human nature too, yearning for God. or in Islam we call it "fitrah". i always searched for escapism. Now i'm truly blessed Allah guide me to His way. May Allah guide you to His path too dear =)
    i love to read Yasmin Mogahed's blog. full of inspiring words and motivation. Most importantly, she always tries to make me see the bigger picture of how each pain and love are the calling from God. do check her out =)

  69. be yourself n someone will fall in love wit u..haha

  70. Isn't it ironic? I truly believe that He has bestowed you with a guidance deep down in your heart but He has not awarded you with the courage because you haven't earned it. Courage is not something that would come easily without an effort. Dig further and you shall find the best remedy to alleviate your so called dilemma. I wish you luck in your voyage.

  71. You....

    Few days back,
    i Saw you,
    and i thought i will hate you,
    but it turns out that,

    you are one special lady,
    you look ******,
    but it doesnt matter,
    because it is you...

    Just be yourself...and..
    we will support you,
    and i believe others will understand you...
    even if they dont,
    it doesnt matter...

    Just be Felixia Yeap..
    its your legacy...

  72. Nice, hopefully from this day u heart will open for Islam. Hidayah belongs to Allah. And to be honest, I love to see you wearing jubah and hijab rather than the left pic. Word from me, seek what u r curious for, sabar dan tabah.

  73. I will keep praying for u, maybe one day you will find what is the best for you, that suit your deepest feeling, :) ... I believe, if you keep on searching, you will find it. I can see the goodness in you. The beauty of hijab that keep you feel safe. Usually, when we have something precious, we will protect it, for example, when we have gold or jewelery, we will protect it from the hand that would like to steal it from the rightful owner. I think, it is also apply to beauty of a woman (wife), its belong to her & her husband.

  74. You don't know how lucky you are to not be born a Muslim. Islam is a plague, an enemy of those who think and have freewill. Don't ever associate yourself with it again and you'll stay happy. Look what happened, you just put on a tudung and these vermins are at your throat. But when you show skin they think of you as a harlot. They can never be happy, as Islam essentially forbids being happy, and they are envious of those who are.

  75. we, muslim proud of you.. :)

    as muslim i like your dress on hijab.. mean full covering a body like a muslimah.. it's helping right..? ^_^

    p/s : people can change.. hope you get hidayah.. amean :)

  76. Hi dear,

    Changing for something better is always a nice thing to do.

    Be strong!

    People will have so mush things to say.

    May you success always.

  77. Ignore the Keyboard Warrior ..

    You just do your job as a Model. nothing more then that .

    Right or Wrong its yours to decide =)

  78. As a muslim, I support you to continue wearing your hijabs and cover yourself. (^_^) Be strong dear. Hopefully, you'll get hidayah. Amiiin..

  79. You have my utmost respect for what you are doing.

  80. That is so brave of u sister. :) good luck.
    U look stunning in hijab. :) god bless.

  81. Human nature....people never stop judging....just be yourself.... your life is your choice, not other people.... Make your own path, believe in your self... God see what you mean, not what other people think.... Adioss...

  82. Teruskan yg terbaik utk diri sendiri. Abaikan apa jua perkara negatif yg di dengar atau dilihat. Anda tahu kekuatan anda. Moga hidayah Allah mendekati jiwa anda :)

  83. The example of beauty with brain. You constantly finding new ways to improve yourself. you're such an inspiration. Keep on doing your thing, girl because you are in the right track...continue wearing hijabs and cover yourself. Hopefully, you'll get hidayah. :)

  84. if u want to grab something that can brings happiness into ur life, harus terima cabaran sis. apa2 pun peduli kan kata2 mereka. mulut manusia tidak akan pernah tutup. salute lah si ! :) :) :)

  85. Hi Felixia,

    I have read your thought and feeling wearing Hijab. Indeed it is a worthy experience granted and fated upon you. Not many people would have this experience even us. Many feel burden wearing Hijab as they don't get what you feel.

    Definitely there will be a lot of noises, but I have strong faith that you are strong to follow through. That's our life cycle, up and down, cheer and sad, fit and sick; which we will have to face it as human being.

    Look forward for more good news of a new Felixia.


  86. Hi Felixia

    I must say that I admire you for sticking with your decision to wear hijab although most of the people sceptical about it. Kudos for you. I know, and hope, that your transformation comes from your heart, not just a gig.

    To tell you the truth, you look more beautiful wearing the hijab than those racy outfits. Women are not possessions, they are precious gift from God and like any valuable gift, it must be wrapped with covers to preserve it's beauty only to the loved ones. That will make woman more valuable not just to the eyes of the humans, but also to the eye of God.

    So, keep your spirits up and know that your transformation is one step to achieve a more satisfying life, clear mind and holistic development of your characters.


  87. Hi Felixia,
    After reading the news that went viral, I found your blog. I don't get it why people are being too judgmental. It seems that you find your true self in wearing hijab, and you are slowly trying to leave your playboy job behind (it's a good change! coz you realize that the job is indecent).

    When we try to change toward something better that will lead us to great happiness, it'll be very challenging; only strong people won't break. Somehow, I do hope you have the strength to be your true self, and never give up in seeking the truth of what does it really mean by true peace and happiness in life (if God's willing).

    When everyone is turning their back on you because of your good intention, you must believe that God is always with you. May you find "your true self" in both career and everyday life.

  88. Penghijrahan kepada sesuatu yang baik sudah pasti akan ada cabaran dan dugaan. May the sun always shine on you.

  89. Assalamualaikum..
    Dear Felixia...If you think that is good for your life..Just Go For it..Allah Is May Blessed To All Human Change Her life to Be A Good it's life.No One in This World Prefect..He's ALLAH and He Knows what is in Your Heart...Be Strong Put Your Trust To ALLAH~I'am Always Pray4 you..~amin~

  90. Hi there felixia, thank God for the transformation.. I do hope that you can be strong and determined to be who you really are... As for your modelling jobs, finish them as per contract and then just concentrate on the jobs that you REALLY like.. Many of us really like you as you are right now, and you really are beautiful inside and out.. Don't be in doubt, as a lot of us, including myself, supports your cause in transition for the better you. Hope to hear positive and happy timelines from you..

  91. Felixia Yeap, I wish to share this link with you, who has same experience with , still not muslim yet, but she does hijab and was miss australia

  92. It's great to see that a chinese does enjoy wearing the muslim clothings. As a muallaf myself, i'm proud to see that even a non-muslim knows how to cover up knowing that the human world has alot of temptations and opinions of it's own. Bravo girl, if you were to revert you can always rely on true muslim brotherhood on the right way God has always wanted us to have

    1. I love u brother..
      if u met me..gimme a hug..
      U are a good muslim..yes u are!

  93. Just ignore what some bad people talk about you. I am glad to see you in hijab and you try to change your life. I know that you can find the 'truth' ^_^

  94. salam sejahtera,kak felixia.

    saya sokong usaha kakak. saya doakan hidayah Allah bersama kakak. Dalam hidup ni, kita tak dapat nak puaskan hati semua orang. Asalkan kakak dan Tuhan tahu apa niat akak yang sebenarnya itu pun dah cukup. Saya harap akak akan terus update perkembangan terkini kakak. saya faham kakak tak boleh terus tinggalkan kerja kakak sebab komitmen, kontrak atau sebagainya. I will always pray for ur sis.

  95. hai felixia...i juz saw the article bout u on FB..apa pun agama u, menutup aurat tu absolutely xsalah..if im not mistaken, Mary (mother of Jesus) pn wear something to cover her head kan..people around u will respect u more if u r hijabi..nak ambil gambal dgn u pn mst diorang minta izin, nak pegang2 tgn, duduk rapat2 pn mesti dorang xberani buat secara sengaja..then u will feel safe..berubah slow2, sesuatu yang terpaksa itu lama2 akan jadi kebiasaan, apatah lagi yang memang dari diri sendiri nak buat kan..hijab tak kan menghalang u dr jadi model tp hopefully u will get more job in muslimah attire or fully understand bout ur job now, mmg la da sign kontrak tu tpaksa juga la buat kan..jgn risau, hijab takkan tutup ur income..cuma hidup ada turun naik..juz face it with strong heart girl...i really respect ur decision! :)

  96. Felixia. You look very very cute in hijab, The most beautiful girl with hijab in Malaysia I have ever seen. I will support u in future no matter what u will do. :-)

  97. Being a new Muslim, you are born again. "Just like a baby, first you learn how to crawl, walk and then run. Take it step by step, if not you will quit someday." Thats what my newly converted friend from korea told me.

    All the best my sister ♡♥♡♥♡

  98. Ignore about the others. In fact, I respect you for being professional enough. Work is work and your private life is two different story. Stay strong sister. Transitioning into something good is hard. People will always judge us because they always set their mind thinking about negative things we had done. Dont because of these negative comments you decide to open your hijab and back to the old you. You are so beautiful and in fact can be an inspirational to those muslims who like to wear sexy and revealing outfit. Remember, in everything we do there are people that always judge us like they are God.

  99. There are some jobs which is definitely not suitable shown and discuss in Malaysia. I knew u may think work and life is two separate things. But religion is practice of faith throughout the life, it covers everything in your life, include work. Thus, it is obvious some muslim might feel offence that as a Playboy bunny wearing in hijab, even u clearly mention is for some Muslim bouquet modeling.

    If you really love your modeling job, then just do it nicely, professionally and without feeling any guilt. You can't satisfy everyone and agree what you doing. Just do what your best in your limited lifetime. Live out greatly ;)

    p/s: I don't care whether u r 1st Malaysia bunny or sexy girl or what, there are alws more beautiful girl than u. I do respect ur job as what u did is far more than those hypocrite ulama/pastor and corrupted politicans and asshole business tyhoon~ My advice for u, get urself out from Malaysia, earn some foreign currencies and enjoy ur works. Life is too short for you to having dilemma in midst of transition.

  100. are there too many support prays that you ever imagine sist? I pray for you also.
    well, being a better person is an absolute freedom of choice. including wearing hijab. the only intention of wearing hijab, to please the Lord. not for us as your fans or supporters.

    also about the job, whenever you are ready the Lord will give you the way to get the appropriate jobs. Islam teach us to notice how we get the prosper and how we spend it.

    I'm not better than you. I admit that I found this page was urged by a lust. Lust of women. It's an obvious sins. I hope you are not deciding what will you do based on those comments included mine. people judgement is nothing. But The Holy book, Quran is calling. And let the enlightenment come.
    -bgsdr, Indonesia-

  101. Hi Felixia,

    I can see that you are going through some emotional pain with the judgements that people make on you. But you could really help yourself, by removing all the photos of your past start with your blog. I don't see why you still need to keep such photos if you are really keen on embracing your new identity.

  102. Dear beloved sister Felixia,

    I just want to let you know of a good news...
    Allah loves his servants who strive and struggle to be a better human and a better servant :)
    The more you struggle, the more reward He will give you. Please take your time to adjust, to learn, and to practice things that you've learned about Islam, because we all understand this transition that you're going through is not an easy one.

    Along your journey, keep on praying to God, and keep a sincere intention in your heart, insyaallah, God will ease your way. Keep asking for Him, and ask only to Him, as He is the One that creates you, and know you more than you know yourself. All the best to you sis!! May Allah show you the best way, His brightest light.

    Here is a love letter from Him in the Al-Quran,
    As-Sharh, 94:1-8
    Did We not expand for you, your breast?
    And We removed from you your burden
    Which had weighed upon your back
    And raised high for you your repute.
    For indeed, WITH hardship is ease.
    Indeed, WITH hardship is ease.
    So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship].
    And only to your Lord direct your longing.

  103. Dear Felicia. I just want to let you know that i truly understand your struggle. I too wasn't a saint myself when I was younger. But I'm glad that's all over now.

    Change is probably a word which is easier said than done. As a human being, we are weak and vulnerable. We might stumble a few times and fall back to our old ways but I guess that's quite normal. Infact I won't judge you at all becoz it is really really hard and I know it for sure.

    I admire your courage and sincerity. I just hope that someday you will find what your heart truly desires :)

  104. i like you more now...��

  105. You are living your life as how you want it to be and people should respect that it is your life. So you go ahead and do what you feel comfortable and don't let others bring you down. What matters is, you're happy. That's how everyone should live their lives anyway...and what we all seek at the end of the day is happiness. So to heck with what people say. Just be yourself and be happy.

    For what you said about it being a religion me anyone can wear a hijab regardless of what religion you are. It's a type of clothing that is very comfortable to wear and you feel secured wearing it. So no, I don't think you're making fun of any religion at all. It's just you wearing something comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

    You have my full support and respect Felixia.

  106. Dear sis Felixia ,
    I'm glad with what you're doing now . People could be judgemental because it's their job to make our life harder and keep us strong . Either it's a muslim or a non-muslim , if they said you are being disrespectful , it doesn't mean they are right , though they are majority .
    I'm a muslim and I'm glad if I could share the same feeling with you of wearing a hijab to cover up .
    Pray that He will lead your way to the righteous and ease your path .
    I wish you all the best . :')

  107. Sabar je lah
    Ujian bila kita nak buat baik....
    May god bless u

  108. Hello there.....I hope you were reading this.

    There is some story I would like to share with.

    One day some guy ask an old man (muslim) about the true meaning of wearing hijab.
    Calmly the old man took out two wraps of chocolate. He unwrap 1/2 one of the chocolate and left the other still wrapped. Then the old man throw both chocolate on the floor.

    Old man: Which chocolate would you choose?
    Guy: Of course the wrapped chocolate.
    Old man: Why?
    Guy: Coz the 1/2 wrapped one is already dirty.
    Old man: See, the wrapped chocolate represents a girl/ women that wears hijab and the 1/2 wrapped chocolate is the opposite (without hijab). That's how we cherish a girl/women that wears hijab. We care for them as they care for themselves.
    Guy: Thank you old man. Now I understand (crying).

    I hope that this short story helps you to find the true meaning of hijab. I am forward to share stories anytime. You are on the right track felixia, keep up.

    ps: Sorry my vocab is not very good. Sorry if I cause you trouble reading this. I hope it hepls

  109. im not sure you read this or not,
    Marry me

  110. be patient. be courageous. be yourself. be faithful. be honest. be kind. be positive. Islam needs every single good quality in a person. when there are haters, there will be people who love too. i am supporting you from far <3

  111. Dear Felixia,

    We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better. Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.

    It’s just another one of those things I don’t understand: everyone impresses upon you how unique you are, encouraging you to cultivate your individuality while at the same time trying to squish you and everyone else into the same ridiculous mould.

    So just be yourself. Do whatever you think right. Don't miss all of the good stuff that happens today because you're thinking about all of the bad stuff that happened yesterday. Keep moving forward. Perseverance is everything. We all stumbled when we took our first steps yet we were running sooner than we realized, and then we couldn’t stay still. Why stay still now?

  112. i saw of your profile, it's really exquisite. your idea also is a very good to me.

  113. Hai felixa..jgn nilai pndngan negetif org..lg pun siapa kita nak menghakimi felixa...kita pun manusia..ok lh sy nk kongsi 1 kisah benar yg ada dalam al-quran d mana zaman NABI pna berlaku dimana seorg wanita ini pkerjaan nya pelacur utk mnyara kluarga tp dia di masukan ke syurga disebab kn memberi susu kpd ank anjing yg bukan nk mksud kn felixia ape2 tp yg mghakimi ape kita buat adalah tuhan mgikut kprcayaan masing2.. U are beautiful than u thought.. :)

  114. hi there. i read an article about you on yahoo and i was,, hmmm. kinda feel good. because, you have this , idk, desire? *i think* , this thing towards muslimah clothing. i just hope, hope hope, that you would go deeper and open up the rest of ur heart to accept islam. i see that youre a playboy model, but yeah, anyone can have the hidayah right? i just hope, pray for you to really try to understand islam. because yeah, it seems that you somehow attracted to it. so yeah. im supporting you if you really wanna make a change in life. i bet there are tons of negative and positive feedbacks. but hey, thats life. :)

  115. HI there :) I adore you seriously :) The courage you're taking these decision to share it to the world is brave! I know what you feel & how you feel about wearing hijjab :) Because I am a non muslim who likes to wears hijjab too and wearing hijjab really makes you felt a lot more better. Good luck anyway..God has ways test His people and maybe this is your test :) Be strong & have faith. One day you'll have what you want :)

  116. The cold never bothered you anyway =D

  117. Dear Felixia,
    Knowledge is the leader, act is the driver, and the soul is balky..

  118. Just follow your heart and attain more knowledge from the right sources. Just like you did followed your heart in modelling, follow your heart again to achieve what you desire now. Insya allah. I will sure be a bumpy ride now but it will soon be a past which you will only remember as part of your transitional life change. Good Luck!

  119. I'm glad to read and know your stories...I believed that you are sincere and pray for you..hope you get to know deeper about hijab and the religion...

  120. Sometimes beauty like treasure. Prettiest thing in the world sometimes hidden and not visible. Simply put, when you cover your nakedness I see something valuable and beautiful but protected and maintained. How happy the man who found the treasure, because only he who first saw and who has. Beauty like a hidden treasure

  121. Hmm satu jea saya nak pesan. Kalau kita nak buat perkara yg baik jgn bertangguh. Just do it. Dan bila hati kita terdetik untuk tinggalkan sesuatu yg buruk. Terus tinggalkan. Jgn pandang belakang lagi. Takut2 nanti kita x de peluang tu lg. Jgn kita rasa rugi atau sayang tinggalkan sesuatu yg buruk tu sbb percayalah sesuatu yg lebih baik sedang menunggu kita dihadapan.

  122. People will always judge you. No matter what you wear, what you say and what you do. It's impossible to please everyone but it's easy to please God. Just put your faith in God and if God will it, you'll find your way. May He gives you strength and courage. Ameen.

  123. I hope u can defeat yourself and reborn as Muslimah...inshaallah

  124. Aw, I didn't know that you wear hijab as well Felixia. Your work and your personal relationship with the principle you want to abide are sure tough duo to weigh through times.Good luck to you. And it's nice finding a fellow Nuffnang publisher. I blog here:

  125. Bersandarlah Dengan Tuhan


    Bersandar dengan  duit, tidak ada  duit susahlah hati

    Kalau ada duit pun, jika sakit , bala bencana, musuh banyak,

    duit sudah tidak ada erti

    Hati tetap derita kerana duit tidak boleh mengubatinya

    Bersandar dengan diri jika sakit, lumpuh,cacat

    tentu hati derita, bahkan ada yang putus asa

    Dunia terasa gelap dibuatnya, masa hadapan tidak ada harapan apa-apa,

    kecewa menyelubungi jiwa

    Bersandar dengan orang, kalau orang itu mati,

    atau tidak peduli lagi, kita tentu susah hati

    Kita hidup di dalam kebingungan,

    sumber harapan tidak ada lagi

    Begitulah kalau kita sandarkan nasib kita

    kepada selain Allah Taala Tuhan kita

    Sandaran kita sangat rapuh

    Kalau begitu bersandarlah dengan Allah Taala

    Tuhan  yang memiliki segala-galanya

    Tuhan adalah segala-galanya,

    sumber segala kekayaan dan kehidupan makhluk

    Bersandar dengan tuhan, bersandar dengan satu kekuatan

    yang tidak ada habis-habisnya

    Tuhan mempunyai khazanah yang tidak ada berkesudahan

    Tuhanlah penentu nasib makhluk-makhluk-Nya termasuk manusia

    Bersandar dengan Tuhan tidak akan kecewa

    Tuhan melakukan kepada manusia yang menggembira, tujuan baik

    Memberi kesusahan pun, dengan tujuan kebaikan

    kalau pandai kita menerimanya

    Begitulah kalau kita bersandar dengan Tuhan



    Selepas Zuhur

    Abu Nizam

  126. Don't forget to always ask God to guide you to the straight path, the path whom He gave His grace and not the path of those He has given His wrath nor He led astray.

    It is He who provides, believe just that :) Good Luck

  127. Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Allahuakbar... one thing that the hardest one you'll be face is "Istiqomah", Istiqomah meaning is consistency in your choice now... because Allah SWT not just believe it your "Iman", same like us... to accept some one, we will give some "test"... but don't worry Allah SWT will not give the exam beyond our ability... just keep it, you will find peace in your heart now and that's no doubt... Insya Allah... ^_^

  128. don't worry. doing good is always harder than doing bad. when you do something good, everyone will go against you. but when you do bad, everyone will cheer for you. I am going through the same thing as you. sometimes I feel I rather lock my self at home and be alone. but in the end we have to face it after all. be strong. do it because u want to. not to please others. make sure you have good people surrounding you :) it helps. good luck babe!! =D

  129. Dear Felixia..
    My credit goes to you for all ur achievement! :)..
    Honestly you look more sweet and nicer with ur recent look!

    BTW, I agree with you
    It is not easy when u decide to change..
    And you can never satisfy everyone..
    So, just be urself & take your time..
    To learn... to adjust and to discover..
    Im sure u need times and space to adjust urself..
    Have a baby step..
    Dont force urself ok..
    Anything we do will be more meaningful
    if it comes with a sincere heart!
    Just ignore those people
    who being curt to u
    who force u to follow them.
    Anyways i will always pray
    May Allah guide you to the right path. Amin.

    Bismillaahir-Rahman ir-Raheem

    Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
    Ar-Rahman ir-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
    Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
    Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
    Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
    Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

    In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.

    Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
    The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
    You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
    Guide us on the straight path,
    the path of those who have received your grace;
    not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

  130. It's okay friend, a star seems the brightest when the sky seems the darkest.
    Have faith, be strong, mingle around with positive people as it may help u much.
    Last advice, try to be at any mosque, u will definitely find something. InsyaAllah.
    May get blessed :)

  131. Are you crazy? It is not what you wear that make you holy and respected but your heart is. Go to your parent and relearn the philosophy and religion of your parent.

    1. okay then. will you respect those who wandering around,naked? how do you know what's inside the heart of other peoples when you,sometimes can't even identify what's in your heart? yes it is true that a pure heart is important but appearance do count as well. all of us find peace in our own way. just like 'm size' won't fit just anyone. if this is what makes her happy, then support her. all religion taught us to be kind to others regardless of what their religion is. am i wrong? :)

  132. aurat... more than just exposing yr curves n flesh...

  133. "So were my notions of oppression in the form of the veil disqualified? If my definition of equality was free will then I could no longer define that oppression as a symptom of Islam. The women had all exercised their right to choose. To some extent, they were freer than me - I had less control over my destiny. I could no longer point at them and say they were oppressed and I was not. My life was influenced by male approval as theirs - but the element of choice had been taken out of mine. Their situations and their arguments had, after all, served to highlight shortcomings in my view of my own liberty."

    A World Where Womanhood Reigns Supreme

  134. felixia,i wud like to tell u honestly..please leave that kind of work if u are really into more to hijab or tutup aurat it u,apply ur life to ur carrier..much more better..dont get confuse ok..lots of people can teach n guide u how and etc..make sure dont simply ask anybody u dont really know about them..i pray for the best for u..may god open ur heart for the right path..i will follow ur changes u from back..:)

  135. Peace be upon you,

    I truly understand what you are going through. I went thru the same 4 years ago.

    You see, "God" sent me this wonderful man who made me feel good and happy about myself. He likes to end our meeting by saying, "If I care for you, Allah cares for you a million more. If I love you, Allah loves you with His whole universe". Of course this man made me miss him whenever he goes away. But, who is Allah???

    Allah was my soul saviour. He answered my prayers thru this man.

    Then, I was a Buddhist and this man is a Moslem. He taught me that I could be a muallaf to know and learn about Islam but not necessarily be a Moslem. I tried hijab, wore it and at times not wear it (familiar?). But, hijab is only a symbol if the mind and heart knows nothing of Islam.

    After learning the fundamentals, my heart told me that Islam is a good faith. Islam does not contradict my original faith in Lord Buddha's teachings. But, I learned that Islam's teachings is more thorough. Made easier with a splendid help from the meanings of the miracle book, the Koran. Also, the practices shown by Rasul Allah through the practices of this gentle man who was just impossible not to love.

    I took more than 3 years to understand more than half of the Koran before I took the leap of faith. I didn't revert to Islam until I was very sure and ready.

    I still keep my given name. I still love and support my not Islam parents. My Papa and Mama still love me without any second thoughts. This man continues to guide me till today to love Allah more and more.

    I thank Allah for loving me for who I m and not for anything less.

    I make doa to Allah for you.

  136. Semuga sweet Felicia mendapat cahaya ketenangan dariNYA. Amin.


  137. Masha'Allah! Truly inspiring transition.. May you find peace in Islam, insha'Allah!

  138. Felixia,

    It is aspiring reading your point of view in life. What you are doing is right. The transition should be slow but steady at your own, acceptable pace.

    There should be a start for everything. Try to stop uploading your sexy pictures. As you might have know, it is a sin to show that much flesh to public. Maybe that is what holding you back from making the next big step.

    Good luck!

  139. we support you 100000000000000000000000000000000%, ignore what people might say, just do what you think best for you, we pray that you will be granted with are doing the right things to wear hijab....its you....taking care of yourself in the best and the right way....

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. After I read this blog I guess most of us are confused termasuk saya yang kurang ilmu ni. You made it clear that you are a chinese and non muslim who now prefers to wear the hijab. I have nothing against models wearing skimpy bikinis. Itu hak peribadi masing2. The bigger picture here is you nak berubah untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik. I pray that you get what you wish for and meet a guy who truly loves and appreciates who you are.

  142. M so proud of u....Congrates!May Allah bless u..."Hidayah itu milik Allah" Hope so u adalah HambaNya yang terpilih....Aminnn

  143. felixia,be strong.God will always be with u..:)

  144. Assalamualaikum saudari...
    Allah brfirman d dalam al-Quran yg brmksd " Barangkali ape yg kamu fikir itu baik, tetapi d sisiNye tidak baik, barangkali ape yg kamu fikir itu tidak baik, tetapi d sisiNye baik." brsabarlh, stiap mnusie mmpunyai pndapat mereka sndiri... jike ade kemusykilan @ persoalan, jangan malu2, jangan segan2 PM saye. Insya Allah saye sedie MEMBANTU. same2 kite brlajar. INNALLAHA MAA'NA...

  145. u are so beautiful in your hijab . may your heart will be open to accept Islam as your way . and i agree with u . to be change is not as easy as we think . there are lot of people that will talk behind us . be strong . and keep it up . :)))

  146. Be strong, patients and lot of prayers with tears He(Allah) will hear your prayer. Insya'Allah.

  147. You much more better than muslim girl that never wear hijab...

  148. Dont worry felicia....please pray to Allah to ease anything on what you're doing now. Allah is merciful. Ask and Allah will grant it. Dont be too sad....always remember that Doa is a powerful tool in shaa Allah dear..

  149. Allahuakbar... give us strength to face the world now... its so hard for us.. and give us ur rahmah and barokah... amin

  150. Everyone have different starting point... Same goes to u... Try to understand the foundation first.. Women in Islam have the highest value... In fact, in Quran did mention to respect mother after Allah and Rasul... I think u had heard this statement "syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu".. Its not just a statement though... Allah did raise women status in Islam.. Hijab for me is not the sign of oppression as what most people claim... In fact, I did ask women in hijab, what do they feel.. Most of them said it was a sign of liberty, care and devotion.. Hidayah come in any way... Listen to your heart and ignore what people thinks. In the end, it was your life... For me women is not a sex symbol, they are a symbol of pure love..Pure and look fragile, but inside is strong and determine..

  151. salam, kalau nk berubah jangan dengar kata orang lain , percaya pada ALLAH .. dia akan berikan petunjuk dan hidayah pada hambaNYA.. dont bother to others, lot of people still supporting you from behind.. ISLAM <== meaning peace.. carilah ketenangan jiwa di dalam AL-Quran nurkarim.. dan ALLAH sentiasa membuka pintu untuk hambaNYA untuk bertaqwa dan beriman padaNYA..

  152. Tetap semangat and jangan terpengaruh dengan fitnahan and penilaian buruk orang lain.
    Awak lah yang tahu isi hati awak and awak pula lah yg tahu sape awak sebenarnye.
    Mantafkan hati and dekatkan diri same allah yang maha tahu segale"nye.

  153. You have two sweets.
    One with a wrapping and one without wrapping
    You throw both sweets to the floor.
    You guess which one people will choose?
    Same goes to you.
    Believe in yourself whatever you do as long as you sincere.
    May Allah bless you. :)

  154. Jom masuk dan belajar Islam =)

  155. Kak felixia, saya ni bukan la perfect muslim, cuma apa yg saya tau kan, once akak masuk islam, akak ibarat bayi yg baru lahir which mean yg akak ni tiada dosa. So better akak buang semua akaun social network akak yg lama, start with a new one. Yg gambar dekat google bagai tu, akak pun tak bole buat apa la, sedangkan shila amzah yg da bertudung pun, masih ada gambar tak bertudungnya di google, so yg tu rasanya tak dapat la akak nak handle, tp yg mana akak mampu handle ni, remove je akaun, buat yg baru. Btw, welcome to islam, keep calm and love Allah s.w.t.

  156. I'm a malay, a muslim, we understand that :)
    we ain't forbid non-muslim to wear hijab, otherwise, we r very glad to see non-muslim wear it, cuz hijab protects us, women :)

  157. I know u wear hijab it doesnt mean you a muslim, In the noble quran, Allah says : "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.."
    but nowadays, malay women were too far from Islam faith, most of them have not wear hijab while they knew that hijab are compulsory for all muslim women..
    I'm proud of u even though u r not a muslim :)

  158. I think you should leave continue your career that requires you to expose your body like the picture above so that the public is not confused with a brief closing its cover your entire body and fleeting barely dressed. It will give more benefit to you and Islam. If it persists, will generally tend to think that you are being ridiculed Islam. This is just my opinion. Wallahua'alam.

  159. I heard you want join Islam. I hope you consider it seriously before do that.
    I don't want you regret it in future especially join Islam in Malaysia is very serious issue.
    You are not allowed to regret in future.
    Islam is a good religion but you have to sacrifice something to join it.
    You must make sure you can obey the following things.

    1. You cannot eat pork, pak ku teh and all non halal foods.
    2. You cannot eat at non-halal restaurant.
    3. You cannot drink alcohol
    4. You cannot have your career in non halal sector
    5. You cannot goto pub.
    6. You cannot visit church and chinese temple.
    7. You cannot married with non muslim unless they willing to join with you.
    8. You cannot goto hotel with your lover to celebrate romantic night before you get married.
    9. You cannot hug and kiss your lover in public place before you get married.
    10. You will bound by Islam law.
    and so on...

    In future, if hudud law is implemented, i not sure for rape case is it need 4 muslim witness?

  160. Please remember you have to behave yourselves on what you eat, what you drink, how you dress, which place you visit and obey their rules after join it.
    Failing to do so you may be punished.
    You are not allowed to quit in future as well.

  161. Be strong.God will always be with u..:)

  162. Felixiayeap adalah insan yg terpilih....Tahniah d atas perhijrahan anda..."Welcome to Islam"...

  163. Sis yeap, most of us are so pleased to know that another person is gonna join Islam. Since you've been given the guidannce by Allah swt, i know you will find out deeper about Islam. you will know the reason of why they keep demanding you to remove all your uncovered aurah's pics. You will know that we did that is totally for your own goodness. You will know why the past should remain the past and should only be in YOUR OWN gallery, show it NO MORE to public. because.. well, you know, people cant stop badmouthing, and they might misuse your sexy photos sister.. yes, it is such a great achievement to be well-known model,, it required seriously a tremendous effort, but sis, i just want to remind you that we cannot have our career in non halal sector, like zoro tan stated above. I am sorry if this comment is somehow offending you, i hope all of us can be more istiqomah and stronger to be better servants of Allah.

  164. sis, really such a lucky person that Allah swt choose had choose you dalam banyak-banyak hambanya. Apa yg sis lakukan sangat besarla kerana Islam dalam bangsa Melayu sendiri pun ramai lagi yang tak mampu menutup aurat dengan sepenuhnya. Tapi, Islam is not about cover aurah and muslimah fesyen only. Islam is about aqidah and cara hidup. And nikmat paling besar dari Allah adalah kefahaman dalam agama. Its ok if kita tak faham agama and tak tutup aurah, but when we get our kefahamn dalam agama tu, automatically kita akan hidup dengan cara Islam, which is cara pakaian, pekerjaan, makanan and semua perkara. Sebab Islam itu sendiri lengkap. Al-Quran dan Hadis panduan kita.

    And bila sis faham Islam, sis akan fahamlah kenapa ramai suruh delete you photos. rasa malu pada Allah, dan Islam sangat menutup aib kita. Kita perlu buang yang lama, dan jadi diri yang baru bila itu membawa kebaikan :))

  165. Hey Sis Felixia..Salaam..May Allah bless you..Did you know that we've "mengumpat" you during our "kuliah maghrib" tonight. But not to worry the ustaz give a good response on your hijrah and the ustaz has the good plan in welcoming you in our "usrah" community in Selangor.. Not to really worry sis.. Allah just gave you Hidayah in your new life.. We are welcoming you as Muslim with wide arm open. May Allah give you strength to change..Always think Allah in our life and Allah will guarantee hapiness. The ustaz also has a plan to invite you for the talk during our routine Kuliah Maghrib @ Surau Ar Rahmah sek.8 Shah Alam & we are happy to hear your new experiences in new shining Allah's Hidayah..InsyaAllah..

  166. Im not much into making a comments in the blogsport, but as a muslims, i feel that i have to put some words for you coz i really admire your action... in this industries i really do understand that what has happen u cant pull back all your previois picture and everything, but, as long as u are afford to do it please do it. All the picture that you afford to delete, please do it so.coz i really don wan people that i respect and love,see by others in a wrong way.keep your heart strong,get cl9se to your creator and you can feel his love... may allah put all his blessing and love on you, knows that allah love u...

  167. Hi felixia, i suggest that u delete the playboy bunny photo to avoid fitnah

  168. Aslmk sir, how are and welcome back! May i know where can i buy the black jubba that you were wearing next to the (work you) please. I like it very much. Thank you

  169. Islam treats men and Women In Islam as one, yet they are dissimilar. Based on biological, physical appearance & psychological presence each has been allotted certain roles in the society. Considering the aspects of each creation both have their degree of contribution in leading marital/personal life.